The Ford Performance all-aluminum 5.0L Coyote Gen 4X crate engine is a modern 5.0L 32-valve DOHC V-8 that utilizes advanced features such as direct and port fuel injection, twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT), high-flow aluminum cylinder heads, and 12:1 compression to deliver 460 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque (with premium fuel). The aluminum cylinder block features plasma transferred arc spray in liners, cross-bolted main bearing caps, and thick main bearing bulkheads for strength. The Gen 4X 5.0L Coyote features a single 80mm throttle body for easier packaging in various applications. 

  • 460 hp and 420 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 12:1 compression ratio
  • Hypereutectic aluminum pistons
  • Sintered steel connecting rods as used on the Boss 302 Mustang
  • Forged steel crankshaft 
  • Single 80 mm "drive-by-wire" throttle body
  • 9.5 quart steel oil pan
  • Composite lightweight intake manifold
  • Mustang GT 409 stainless steel exhaust manifold RIGHT SIDE ONLY
  • Engine mount bosses and bell housing mount pattern common to 5.0L modular engines
  • For control packs see M-6017-M50HM and M-6017-M50HA
  • For alternator kit see M-8600-M50BALTM-8600-M50ALTC or M-8600-M50ALTA  
  • 10R80 flexplate included
  • For manual transmission flywheel please see M-6375-M50
  • Engine weight: 445 lbs. without front accessory drive components 
***Note: driver side exhaust flange utilizes 5.2L pattern*** 
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